Our Lives & Our Passions

I have not written a blog post in months! Possibly because I have been busy or perhaps procrastination had more to do with it. Oh well. This morning I read in the news about Pakistan’s Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti who was shot dead in Islamabad. Mr Bhatti was assassinated for his fight for a reform to blasphemy laws in Pakistan.

This news saddened me greatly firstly because he is human like every one of us who has been killed unjustly and also because I had heard him at a conference about 3 years ago. It was clear he was passionate about his cause and was willing to give his life for it. We all as well as himself knew he would some day. However we did not know when. I definitely hoped it would not be so soon.

This event got me thinking about 2 things:

Could this have been avoided? From the BBC News report, “he had complained about not being given extra protection in spite of the obvious threats he faced”. How come he was not adequately protected? Then I wondered about him and those around him – were they praying for his safety and wellbeing knowing the dangers he faced daily? When can you say you have prayed enough anyway? I know that God answers prayers and it is by His grace that we live on. Perhaps his death is all in the plan…I only know in part but I prefer people alive and fighting on rather than as martyrs. This is my preference, God knows best. Just some of the questions I had racing through my mind.

Secondly I asked myself “are you so passionate about anything, enough to be willing to give your life for it?” I believe this is passion in its highest form. Should we even develop and embrace this sort of passion? Christ was passionate about people. His love for man cost Him His life.

Where is my passion? Where is yours? I believe passion defines us and adds colour to our lives. It gives us something to live and if possible die for. This may sound somewhat morbid but the truth is this: passion births results. Every dream, value, goal and cause requires zeal, seriousness, focus and some form of sacrifice. Without these, they will eventually die. I believe Mr Bhatti was dead (in the sense of it) before he was actually killed. I doubt he would have continued in his fight had he not resolved to lay fear, doubt, complacency and the other things that usually keep us from moving toward our desired goals and expectations. In his own words (I paraphrase), he was ready to die for his cause – for the lives of minority faiths in his country.

I am not saying that whatever you believe in would cost you your life, rather that whatever you believe in or are aiming for, be passionate about it. Fight for it, run with zeal, encourage yourself, be courageous then watch the sown seeds of desire, watered by your hard-work sprout, grow and birth fruit.

I pray that God will provide comfort for the family and friends of Mr Bhatti. I hope this would bring about the change he gave his life for. May the Prince of peace dwell in all of our hearts.

Be passionate x


Who is DAGRIN?

I didn’t know who he was until “RIP DAGRIN” appeared all over facebook today and this inspired this post. Dagrin is a young Nigerian rapper who recently made it to limelight. There had been speculations about whether he was still alive or dead. According to allafrica.com, rapper Da Grin survived a terrible accident involving a truck on Wednesday, which left him unconscious. He was hospitalised and operated upon at a Lagos hospital however today, he was confirmed dead following surgery by Gidi Noize. His official facebook page is full of messages from fans who are clearly sad and shocked over his death. “Life’s so short” one said. A comment by a fan also read “he just started making money”. My sincere condolences goes to his family, friends and fans.
This life indeed is short (compared to the one to come) and sometimes, we need events like this to remind us that time respects no man. My brother made a statement today that touched me: “Time is what we have now, when time ends, eternity will begin”. For those that do not believe in life after death, well you need not worry about the rest of what I’m about to say but if you believe “the meek shall inherit the earth”, you are really blessed because like me we have hope that goes beyond this short life.
I recently had a drastic hair cut to which I received mixed reactions. Some asked me why on earth I did this. “Erm, because I wanted to” I responded. You may not like what I look like now but to me it was more than a haircut although I do like my new look. I’ve wondered what I would look like for a while but fear of how it would turn out kept me from the barbers. I finally decided to do it afraid and I set a date. My thought was if it turns out bad then I’ll invest in a really good wig to cover it up! God always makes a way doesn’t He?
I am not saying I can do whatever I like or live as I wish or go about seeking personal pleasures to fulfil. What I am saying is, do not let fear stop you from being all that you can be because you do not know how long you have. God has a plan for my life and it’s BIG because He does not do small things. This applies to every one of us. There is a purpose for every life. And a place for every person in His kingdom irrespective of where you are from or what limitations you think you have. If you think you have limitations, check out Nick Vujicic. The first plan He has is for us to have eternal life through Jesus Christ. He also desires that we live a full life in Him and to fulfil purpose. Jesus said, He came that we might live an abundant full life (John 10:10) . So whatever He has placed in your hands or heart to do, do it with all your heart, soul and body.
You may only live this life once, and when you are gone (unless you are resurrected because God still does miracles), you cannot return to do those things you were designed to do. Whatever dreams/goals/assignments He has placed in your hands/heart, now is the time to do it. Now is the season. Today is all you have tomorrow is not promised to you but the hope of tomorrow should keep you moving forward.
You probably may have heard this before about how God has a plan for you and has designed your for purpose but I realise that if you are like me who tends to forget or get distracted, it is always helpful to have a reminder. So here it goes: Please do not neglect your gift. Remember to fan your gift into flame. Do get rid of every excuse you think you have, your limitations are God’s opportunities for glory. Forget the past because He’s taken care of it. Look ahead. Run now with the vision He gave you.
In the life to come, there are no goals no dreams but how you live this one will determine how and where you live in eternity. For the one who does not know the saving grace of Jesus Christ, this is where you start – believe in Him. All have fallen short in God’s standard but Christ has paid the price for us and given us a standing. If you live without Jesus in this life, you will live without Him for eternity. If you already know Christ, then live for Him now and always – fulfil your purpose.
Keep the faith xx