Living Leadership

If I desire to lead others, I must start by leading myself. I heard this at an Away Day at work. It’s been on my heart the whole weekend. There are many things I wish I could change – issues around me, other people’s perception and attitudes, the whole world… The list goes on. However, the more you have tried to change others, the more I realise what an impossible task it is. This only leads to frustration. Sometimes, I even see me becoming the things I so badly wish were different. We can’t change the world, we can change ourselves. I think the more I change to be ‘an amazing world’ the better things will be. The phrase ‘be the change’ is ever making more sense to me. Like MJ said “if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change”. I’m going to be the blueprint – in my home, at work, church and wherever else life finds me!

The first place to start in leadership is within. Lead yourself, be the change!

Arielle x


Questions and Answers

This is the video of a song that I thoroughly love. Now I normally do not enjoy rap because the words come out quicker than I can follow but I love this one. I have been listening to this artist’s music a lot lately and I thought I’d share. I am becoming very generous these days aren’t I? Lol.

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Enjoy x