I feel like Lazarus!

This morning I got up feeling a little like Lazarus. Lazarus was one of Jesus’ friends. Some day he was unwell and his sisters sent for Jesus to heal him. Jesus then waited until Lazarus died before He even began the journey to his home. Imagine that? By the time He arrived, Lazarus was not only dead but buried and rotting. I am not unwell however there are some things I am praying for and it looks like God’s taking His time.

There are moments in our lives when we go through similar experiences like Lazarus’. We ask God to show up in our lives and it appears He’s decided to do nothing or attend to other things first. You want to stop and ask “No pressure Father but, I’m still here waiting… remember what we spoke about…?”

A parallel event happened with the Son of God when He was arrested. Jesus did not pray to be delivered, although He said that God could send help to rescue Him from those who were about to kill Him. Rather He waited until He was beaten, bruised, crucified, pierced , dead and buried. Three days later, the Son of God rose from the dead! Amazing! You see there was a purpose for His suffering. If God had rescued Jesus, we would have no Saviour today. There are some things we must pass through if we are to grow in certain ways. You do not expect muscles without resistance training. If Jesus had healed Lazarus, he would have missed out on his resurrection and God and Christ would have missed out on the  glory, honour and thanksgiving that followed because men came to see what God had done – the man He raised from the dead. Therefore there is a purpose for this season. There is a my answer as well as glory, honour, praise and thanksgiving for Him.

I know He’s still teaching me to confidently trust, wait on and obey Him through this. We do not always receive immediate answers to prayers however it is not that He has not heard but that He’s working out something bigger than our request. Lazarus asked for healing, he received a resurrection! If I am patient, I will receive His answer to my request.

So what do you do if like me you are going through a ‘Lazarus experience’? Only believe. Continue to pray, trust and wait. He may not be working to your schedule but have peace in you because He loves you. God loves you. He’s working things out for your good according to His purpose. Hold on to His word- If you ask anything in my name, I will do it (John 14:14) and if you abide in me and my word abides in you, you will ask what you desire and it shall be done for you (John15:8). Keep the faith – Let him ask in faith without doubting (James 1:6).

Sometimes He takes His time (from our point of view) but He makes all things beautiful in His time.

Rest He’s on it xx

You will find Lazarus’s Story in John 11:1-44

©2010 Arielle Ajibade


Destination – Love x

Often times I wonder if I am obsessed with myself. I am  always watching my weight, my skin, hair etc. Whenever I notice a spot or increase in weight, I am immediately concerned and do all I can to deal with it. I have to say well done to me though because I am doing much better than years ago so. We have to learn to celebrate progress no matter how little it is. A few years ago, I was so obsessed with my weight that I would measure myself with a tape every morning when I woke up just to see if I had gained weight overnight! Then I’ll spend the whole day telling my sister how I have gained a centimetre around my waistline. I have since moved on from that now I stand on the weighing machine a few times a week. I am unsure if this is normal but if it isn’t, it is fine -we all have a form of OCD :-).

I think its important to examine ourselves once in a while. However it should go beyond our physical bodies. I had a heart examination yesterday. Someone said that God brings trespasses our way that we may learn to trust in His love for us and to forgive others. You know there’s a difference between pretending that something never happened and knowing it happened but being unaffected by the event. Healing, strength  and restoration only comes when you can admit that it happened but you are looking to the future.

A Chinese proverb says you cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head but you can prevent them from building a nest in your hair.  In other words, as long as I am human, I will continue to come across those who will step on my toes however its up to me to keep my heart healthy. So I found myself asking  these questions: “how do I forgive” and “how do I know I have forgiven?” I found the answer in the Lord’s prayer: “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”. In order words, Forgive others in the same manner that He forgave you. Or as you want Him to forgive you, forgive others!

So how did the Lord do it for me? He loved me. First He sent His Son to pay the price required for my mistakes through His death. Even whilst suffering at the hands of men, He made excuses for me by saying I did not know what I was doing. Then He sent me help (the Holy Spirit) so that I would not repeat my mistakes. And if by some chance I do fall, He’s there cheering me on and encouraging me to get up and keep walking.
So I guess if I could do this for another, perhaps I can say I have forgiven. If I love them irrespective of; if I could give toward their need even when it requires sacrificing something important to me, maybe then I can say I have moved on and my hair is nest free. The best thing about God’s forgiveness is that He forgives willingly. Not because He has no choice but because He wants to. Love gives the benefit of the doubt so lets make excuses for each other’s failures and make the choice to move forward.
Irrespective of the magnitude of hurt that has come our way, we have all done much more to another – God that is. I know I have hurt Him in more ways than anyone has ever me. So if He can forgive my many trespasses, I should be able to let go of the few from others.
Someone may say they have been hurt very bad and its very difficult to let go. Take heart because sometimes, change may not happen overnight but if we take it one step at a time  and continue to walk we may arrive at our destination…as long as we want to and do not give up. I want to.
This one’s dedicated to the One who loved me and gave all for me and to my very dear ones who continually make excuses for my many failures…

I love you xx

(c) 2010 Arielle Ajibade