This is my first ever blog :)

This is my first ever blog. I don’t have much to do or say today. I had a thot today that motivated me to start a blog. Its the easiest way to share treasured thots :-)

Names…For some people, a name means a lot. It carries meaning and reinforces a message. Often times I think and try to understand and appreciate God by thinking of His names. Today I thought that sometimes, I need to remind myself my own name(s).

What brought about this? I sat in the kitchen observing Olivia – a potted plant that I had neglected for a while. She was dying. Whilst looking, my uncle walks in and asks me if I was ok. I said yes. He then says “You are doing all you can, leave the rest for God”. I wondered why he said this because I was thinking of recent events in my life. Anyway, I decided to re-pot Olivia. The sun was out and I thot she needed a new home and lots of sunshine. As I took care of Olivia, it reminded me of God – the Vine-dresser. How He looks after us just like I’m caring for Olivia (but He does a much better job lol). Sometimes, when a place becomes too small for us, He takes us to a bigger place (higher grounds and enlarged territory I call it). Olivia has a bigger home now – more room for growth and a lot of sunshine :-). As I went about my mini-gardening lol, the thot came to me. Sometimes you need to remember your own name Arielle. Arielle (Lion of God). I am Victorious through God. God fights our battles and when He’s on it, Victory is certain. Uncle’s comment then made more sense to me. I tend to worry about almost everything…right now I’m wondering if this would make sense to another reader. I guess my focus should be on finished result. God’s at work in our lives and though we may not know or understand what He is doing, one  thing is certain – victory is sure. Where ever I am in life, there is a name for it in Christ.

I am not limited to the name most people call me (Arielle that is). God has a few more: Righteous! Saint! Priest! King! Redeemed! Washed! Sanctified! Lifted! On Top! The Head! Ahead! Blessed! Highly favoured! Loved! Healed! Changed into His likeness! I think reminding myself of these names help me keep the faith. It also keeps me in the light…. Ransomed! Granted Access! Lifted! Beloved :-)

I am Arielle xx


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