Morning Musings: Matthew 19:14,23

The Rich man vs the Child

God’s kingdom belongs to those who are more like children and less like the rich man.

I’ve always wondered what accepting the Kingdom of a God like a child meant. But this made a bit more sense to me today: The rich man’s wealth is acquired whilst a child’s wealth is received.

In a normal world, everything a child possesses is given by someone who has had to work for it. The Rich man’s wealth on the other hand is earned by him through hard work and labour.

Grace over works.

A child can enjoy gifts given to them without feeling like guilty or worthless. For the adult on the other hand, our sense of worth often comes from our (or in worse cases others) perception of how successful we are. Children do not care about that. They show off the things have received without shame. They even tell you who gave it to them and feel very proud about it.

God has so much to give to us but we (I) often feel like we (I) need to earn it. Earn His forgiveness, earn His blessings, earn His love. No. We aren’t called to earn but to receive.

Be like the child. Receive freely from Him then go and enjoy the gift you have been given without shame. It’s yours.

Arielle x


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