About Me

My name is Arielle and this is my spot. I thought I’d share my thoughts with the world here. I usually keep a journal but I realised perhaps by some chance someone could be blessed by my musings :-).  How limited is the purpose of a journal no one else reads but you? Anyway, welcome to my Pages of Love. I have so titled it because every day of my life is a page. Each one filled with love poured from on high. There is one thing I am certain of  is this: The Father’s love endures forever. It has remained with me when other things have failed. It has kept me through the good and not so pleasant times. It is that one thing I know life and even death cannot give to or take away from me so welcome of my pages of love xx
My Favourite People:  I love Jesus – He Rocks my world. There is a certain somebody that I would have loved to mention next…but I haven’t met him yet. I love my family.
The things I Love:  I love Food :) and I tend to enjoy feeding people. Generally, I would eat anything except reptiles, or anything that could normally be a household pet (chickens and ducks excluded lol). I like my food spicy so be generous with the chilli please. Apart from stuffing my face, I enjoy Health and Fitness | long walks | Graphics Design | Talking | fashion sometimes | and more .Some Favourite Films/TV Shows: I enjoy chic flicks. I have been laughed at a number of times for my taste in movies but I really do not care :p. Maybe I just prefer the feel good ones. I always want stories with happy endings and minimal sadness. My thought is this world is full of the opposite why must I add to that collection? Anyway, I do not have a favourite movie but I have enjoyed these to mention a few Bourne Collection | Sound of music | colour purple | Letters to Juliet | Shrek |.  By the way, ’24’ rocks! And I could watch Friends all day long and everyday :).

Favourite Books: I love Francine Rivers. I have read a number of her books however my favourite of them all is ‘Redemptive love’. My current read: What’s so amazing about Grace by Philip Yancey.

Music: I do not like any genre of music that degrades people especially women in any way otherwise I would listen to most songs. Most people have a favourite artist or song, I don’t. I tend to listen to whatever fits my mood and season and would often listen to the same song over and over again for hours and sometimes days. My most played song in my iTunes library at moment are ‘Arise’ – Sound of New Breed, ‘Let it Rain’ – Anthony Evans and  a very old song by Brandy ‘Everything I do‘.

Well, that’s a little bit of me :-).


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hhhmm well what do you know, we have a few things in common…I love chick flicks as well and good food…lol, but lately trying to fit into clothes is becoming a teeny weeny difficult so my sweeteheart:food and I might be going on a part time seperation…lol
    Francine Rivers is my favourite author as well. Currently reading her book As Sure As the Dawn, its book 3 of the Mark Of The Lion Series.

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